Things That Need Buying Before Giving Birth

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You need to make a list of things that need to buy and ask someone having children to go with you. Prepare to be a mother.

Breast pump and feeding bottle

Breast pump and feeding bottle are used when breast milk is too much and needs to express, and conversely, if breast milk is less, expressing milk between breast-feeding times will stimulate mammary gland to produce more milk.

Breast pump and feeding bottle

If the mother is sick and temporary cannot breastfeed her child, frozen breast milk stored will help it for a time.

You can buy manual or electric pump (more convenient but expensive). Some kinds of pump have special silicon pad – a massage machine, it massages breast when expressing milk, imitates baby’s suck. Feeding bottle is usually attached to breast pump.
If your babies are breastfed, you just need 2-3 bottles, and 6-7 bottles with milk powder, to have bottle sterilized before meal. You need 125ml bottle for newborn babies, and 250-330ml one for older babies.

Diaper for babies

Many future mothers think that shopping for babies before giving birth just limits within some big things like cradle, baby bed, diaper changing table, baby car seat. Wish it were just like that!

Finish buying big things, but preparing for giving birth needs many necessary things which both mother and baby cannot be without.

Diaper for babies

Such as diaper, there are many kinds, how to choose the most appropriate one for your babies? Each mother likes diaper of a certain producer and has to try different producers to define which one is appropriate for your babies most. Some babies are allergic to a certain kind of diaper.

Generally people choose diaper according to size, and different producers have various size or according to baby’s weight, or month old. For example, new born baby fits 2-5kg diaper or size 0+ (it means the number of month old). It’s best that the diaper should be comfortable, loose for babies.

So, next time you should pay attention to calculate their weight to be within the scale written on the packing. For example, if their weight is 4.5kg, they will need 4-7kg diaper, not 2-5kg type. It’s best to buy the big size when their weight is at low scale.

If their weight nearly reaches highest scale, do not buy the big size. For example, if your newborn babies weigh over 3.8kg, it’s best to buy only a pack of 2-5kg (or size 0+), because after 1 month, they will weigh 1kg more, then the diaper for newborn babies will not fit them.

Swaddling clothes are very convenient to teach them to use chamber-pot. According to each producer, there are many kinds for both boys and girls. 

Children’s clothing

All clothes for new born baby are made of 100% cotton and different in thickness. However, people usually add synthetic fiber to velvet, so you should check out cloth elements on the mark. The elastic band at arms and belly should not be too tight.

All clothes for new born baby are made of 100% cotton and different in thickness

Do not buy clothes have buttons at the back, it’s best for you to buy new clothes according to baby’s development. Average length for newborn baby is 52cm, but do not buy much clothes at this size, because your babies will grow up very fast (many babies grow 4-6cm in the first month).

You need only 2-3 ones for each kind.

It’s best for you to buy clothes size 56-60cm. But do not buy too large ones – your babies will not be comfortable in such clothes, because they get familiar with mother’s tight womb. And don’t forget to calculate the large crotch for diaper.

Check the hem and zipper on clothes carefully – to not let them rub against the baby’s thin skin.

Cosmetic for newborn babies

Another things for you to buy – they are skin hygiene cosmetic for your babies. Which one is necessary in the first few days? The first is baby shower cream. You need to bath babies every day and it’s best to dissolve shower cream with water; do not apply directly on their skin.
On the box must have the words “pH-neutral”, and the ingredients have to be extracted from herb – aster, marigold, lavender…  The second, it is necessary to have wet tissue – it is indispensable when changing the diaper for your babies.

It protects baby’s skin from urine and stool. About baby cream, you should buy which one contains zinc oxide or synthetic vegetable oil – they are necessary for baby’s skin.

Essential things for babies

·         Knitted shirt or no-button shirt: 10 units.

·         Cotton pants: 10 units

·         Gloves: 6 pairs / type.

·         Socks: 4 pairs (for winter)

·         Cotton hat (3 units) and warm hat

·         Cotton diaper: 20 units

·         Bath towel: 3 units

·         Baby face-cloth: 6 units

·         Bib: 5 units

·         Navel bandage: 6 units

·         Swab: 1 box

·         Safety pin: 1 box (to fasten the cloth-diaper)

Essential things for moms

·         Nursing bras

·         Tampon

·         Maternity girdle

·         Disposable breast pads

·         Socks  

·         Disposable maternity briefs (after giving birth)

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