Delicious Dishes For Pregnant Women After Childbirth

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Giving birth will make mothers lose a lot of strength. Remember to strengthen to restore health quickly.

After giving birth, women’s health is often very weak and they need to strengthen with correct way. Some following goods remedies will help women restore health after giving birth effectively.

Remedy 1


·         500 grams of yellow saffron

·         200ml of honey

How to make

·         Wash saffron, slice, dry and pulverize

·         Every day, mothers can use 10-15 grams of saffron flour and honey with suitable amount to eat in day (use 1-2 months).

Remedy 2


·         Root of Gomphandra Tonkinessis Gagnep

·         Fresh ginger

How to make

·         Wash root of Gomphandra Tonkinessis Gagnep, cut root, head and rootlet is sliced and soaked with hog-wash in 24 hours and wash it in many times

·         After that you soak it with ginger juice with rate 50mg fresh ginger with 100ml water, boil in 10 minutes and dry.

·         You continue soaking until out of ginger juice and expose to the sun or dry, dry in the pan.

·         Every day, you can use 10-20 grams that are simmered with 250ml of water to 50ml of water and drink once a day.

Remedy 3


·         15 grams of cat’s ear

·         15 red apples (a kind of apple whose shape is similar to Chinese apple, mothers can buy them in Chinese traditional medicine store)

·         10-15 grams of sticky rice

How to make

·         Soak cat’s ear with boiling water, wash. Cook all of the materials into soup. Pour red sugar into pot when soup is cooked. Eat twice a day

·         Effect: Strengthen for women that lose blood after giving birth. In addition, this dish is good for pregnant women that lose hair, have headache and are dazzled.

Remedy 4

Not many people know about effect of star fruit branch.

Not many people know about effect of star fruit branch.


·         Branch of forest star fruit

How to make

·         Get rid of leaves of branch of forest star fruit, wash, (keep small branches and use bark to big branches), slice, dry and dry in the pan

·         When using, mothers will take 20-40 grams of drug, pound, use with boiled water and drink it every day instead of tea in some weeks.

Remedy 5

Cold cock that is stewed with Chinese traditional medicines will be good for pregnant women after giving birth.

Cold cock that is stewed with Chinese traditional medicines will be good for pregnant women after giving birth.


·         1 old cock

·         Ginger and some kinds of Chinese traditional medicines that are used to stew with chicken

How to make

·         Make cock clean, put it into pot with a suitable amount of water

·         Pour ginger and Chinese traditional medicine into pot and boil

·         After that you continue stewing with small fire in 2-3 hours.

·         Finally flavor

Remedy 6

Black chicken that is simmered with drugs and lotus seeds will be very nutritious.

Black chicken that is simmered with drugs and lotus seeds will be very nutritious.


·         0.5kg black chicken

·         50 grams of lotus seed

·         20 grams of Opposit Ifolius yam

·         20 grams of sugar

·         Salt

How to make

·         Slaughter black chicken, get rid of viscera, cram its belly with drugs such as lotus seed, Oppositifolius yam, sugar, salt and simmer

·         Eat both solid part and liquid in a day

Remedy 7

Soup of crucian carp is nutritious remedy for pregnant women.

Soup of crucian carp is nutritious remedy for pregnant women.


·         1 crucian carp

·         20 grams of talus

·         Wine

·         Ginger

·         Onion

·         Pepper

·         Vinegar

·         Sugar

How to make

·         Make crucian carp clean

·         Pour crucian, talus, wine, ginger, onion, pepper, vinegar, sugar with a suitable amount, cook them into a dish, eat solid part and drink liquid

·         This remedy can help women nourish skin, and make skin become ruddy and cheerful.

Remedy 8


·         Beef muscle, small spring onion, salt, ginger

How to make

·         Slice beef with shape of pawn

·         Slice ginger, get rid of root of onion, take the white part and keep long blade

·         Pour water with a suitable amount into beef, pour all of the above materials into pot, boil, turn down fire and simmer until they become well-cooked

Remedy 9


·         Cat apple

·         Sticky rice

·         Red sugar

How to make

·         Boil cat apple and take solid water, after that use this water and cook soup with rice and red sugar

·         Effect: It is good for pregnant women that have bellyache and don’t have delicious feeling after giving birth.

Remedy 10

Pig’s stomach that is stewed with lotus seed is good for pregnant women after giving birth

Pig’s stomach that is stewed with lotus seed is good for pregnant women after giving birth


·         1 big pig’s stomach

·         ½ ginger

·         900 grams of lotus seed

·         2 spoons of rice wine

·         5 bowls of clean water

·         Salt

·         Flavoring

How to make

·         Wash pig’s stomach carefully, parboil with boiling water and take it out

·         Slice pig’s stomach with suitable pieces, slice ginger

·         Boil 5 bowls of water, pour stomach and ginger into pot

·         Pour lotus seed into pot, next wine and spices. Boil with small fire until they are soft.

Remedy 11


·         Leaves of polyscias or root of polyscias

·         Ginger

How to make

·         To leaves of polyscias: boil 200ml water, after that pour all of leaves of polyscias into pot and cover with the lid. After some minutes, open the lid and turn some times. After 5-7 minutes, you use the first water to drink, add with about 200mil water into pot and continue boiling the second water to drink

·         To root of polyscias: after being dug, wash it and get rid of sand, slice, dry. You can soak with wine and ginger to make it scented. Can and restore, use 10-15 grams to pour into pot and use with boiling water and it is similar to tea. You should drink many times in day. You should also choose kinds of root that are old - over 3 years old - since they have high effect.

Remedy 12


·         A bowl of sticky rice

·         60 grams of logan

·         Small red bean

·         Green soy

·         Lotus seed (90grams/kind)

·         1 spoon of rice wine

·         2 spoons of sugar and clean water

How to make

·         Sift small red bean, green soy, simmer them with water. You also simmer lotus seed

·         Rice and water are cooked into soup.

·         Pour logan into pot

·         When soup is well-cooked, pour wine and sugar into pot and wait until it boils again.

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