Foods Nourishing Brain

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You should provide foods that have many essential micronutrients for physiological activities of brain so that your brain can be healthy and resistant.

From a research

Scientists of Case Western University (Reserve, America) discovered that when thinking activities take place or do not take place, brain also uses a certain amount of energy.

Indeed, according to experiment of Professor Rossana Occhipinti and his assistants at Case Western Reserve University: This experiment was carried out to a volunteer person that was asked to do a math. In that process, they used an equipment to sweep magnetic resonance to check process of consuming calories in that person’s brain. People recognized that when that person finished doing operations and stopped thinking to take rest, nerve cells operated positively. At that time, another neuron started operating strongly to brake activities of nerve cells operating about mentality. In addition, process of burning calories also takes place.

Description: Foods Nourishing Brain

You should provide foods that have many essential micronutrients for physiological activities of brain so that your brain can be healthy and resistant.

Therefore, it’s necessary to provide brain with foods that have nutritious value to operate every day. Brain is similar to other organs of body. It also needs to eat correct and enough nutrients according to demand of every day. It means that in daily diet, you must provide foods that are rich of efficient nutrients for brain such as fish, eggs, milk, kinds of fruits like: avocado, pear, banana, pineapple, apple, chili, orange, mandarin, grapes...; grains like: corn, peanut, millet…; vegetables like spinach, rosemary, cinnamon because all of them contain a lot of nutrients that can foster brain.

Foods nourishing brain


Most of fish contain many qualities that can foster brain; however, the typical positions of the beginning of table are salmon, sardine, codfish and herring because they are rich of omega-3 fat acid main element of brain cells that helps improve the ability of studying as well as memory. Fish also provides calcium and protein that are good for brain. For example, freshwater fish contains unsaturated fatty acids that don’t cause injury for cerebral artery, but they protect cerebral blood vessels and improve cerebral cells’ operation.  In middle 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women should eat a lot of fish to help fetus develop totally. However, you shouldn’t misuse; it means that you shouldn’t eat over 80 grams of fish every day.

Description: Fish contains protein and calcium that are good for brain.

Fish contains protein and calcium that are good for brain.


Chicken egg is useful for operating function of brain because a good memory closely relates to amount of acetylcholine in brain.  Egg yolk contains lecithin and this substance’s resolution in body produces a lot of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine quickly moves to blood and brain, helps improve memory. 50 grams of egg yolk contains nearly 500 mg of choline and it is similar to the amount of choline in 100 grams of liver. Moreover, it is as 2.5 times as the amount of choline that has in 100 grams of bird meat. You can provide your body with the amount of choline if you only eat 1 or 2 chicken eggs. They are very useful for protecting brain and improves memory. 

Description: Chicken egg is useful for operating function of brain.

Chicken egg is useful for operating function of brain.


Cow’s milk is considered the most precious nutritious source. Milk contains a lot of protein, calcium and other essential elements for brain. Especially, fresh milk is a nutritious food that is nearly perfect because it has high content of protein, calcium acid amin that are necessary for brain. Calcium in fresh milk is easy to absorb and it is also an important substance in brain’s metabolic process. In addition, fresh milk also contains elements that are useful for nerve cells. Hence, drinking milk every day is the way to provide calcium quickly and efficiently. If you lose sleep because of stressed work, you only need to drink a glass of hot milk in the evening. As a result, you will easily sleep.

Description: Drinking milk every day is the way to provide calcium quickly and efficiently.

Drinking milk every day is the way to provide calcium quickly and efficiently.

Banana, seaweed and beer yeast

They help prevent stress. Specifically, 100 grams of banana contains 1.7 mg of serotonin that is necessary for brain, helps your body prevent stress and concentrate well. Garlic contains Alicin that makes blood in brain circulate well, improves the ability of concentrating and thinking.

Description: Seaweed prevents stress.

Seaweed prevents stress.

Kinds of grain

Peanut, corn, millet… are useful for brain. Peanut contains plentiful content of lecithin and cephalin. These are necessary substances for brain to make process of getting old slow. According to experiment, eating peanut regularly will improve circulating process of blood, improve memory and repulse process of getting old. Millet has content of vitamin B1 and B2 more than rice. Protein in millet contains a lot of tryptophan and methionine. Clinical observation shows that eating millet can prevent getting old and can improve brain’s resistance. Corn contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids like acid linoleic that can protect blood vessels of brain. Eating corn regularly, especially young corn will make brain resistant.

Description: Peanut, corn, millet… are useful for brain.

Peanut, corn, millet… are useful for brain.

Fresh fruits

Orange, mandarin, pineapple… contain a lot of substances that are useful for brain. Specifically, orange and mandarin contain many vitamins A, B1 and C and other minerals that are good for brain. They are also typical alkali foods that can eliminate acidic foods that are harmful to nerve, help have a sound and excited mind, prevent stress and tiredness. Therefore, in periods of examination, eating a suitable number of oranges and mandarins will help spirit and strength become plentiful. Lemon and grapefruit have similar function. Pineapple contains plentiful content of vitamin C and magnesium low calories. Eating pineapple regularly will slake your thirst, make you to be out of sound mind and improve memory. Apples also contain a lot of quercetin, antioxidant, prevent old people from Alzheimer. You should eat apples without sharpen their peel because peel of apples contains a lot of quercetin. Besides protecting brain and improving memory, eating apples will help reduce the risk of catching cancer. You should pay attention that you should use fruit and vegetable water to wash them before eating. Avocado has good fat, supports blood’s circulation, reduces blood pressure, prevents stoke because it makes blood’s circulation good, enough oxygen to brain, improves concentration and ability of thinking. Avocado is one of fruits (a few) that do not have cholesterol, contains unsaturated single fat – this is a kind of fat that is good for body that can reduce the content of cholesterol…

Kinds of vegetable

Spinach is vegetable for brain because it contains high content of vitamin A, C, B1 and B2. According to a recent research, spinach contains a high content of antioxidants such as vitamin E and Selen that can prevent early aging process, improve cells’ development, activate brain’s function, increase brain’s vigor, and help prevent brain’s aging and Alzheimer. This is one of foods that provide the best nutrients for brain. Spinach also has a high content of chlorophyll that is very useful for brain.

Description: Spinach is vegetable for brain because it contains high content of vitamin A, C, B1 and B2.

Spinach is vegetable for brain because it contains high content of vitamin A, C, B1 and B2.

Celery contains Quercetin, substance helps improve brain’s health. Strawberry contains content of vitamin C that gains 150% demand of body every day. Moreover, strawberry contains vitamins A, B1 and B2 … that can increase resistance and prevent infection, contamination, flu, prevent stress and aging.

In addition, cherry, grapes, lettuce and minerals are also good for brain. Fe is also important to brain’s health. Lacking Fe will lead to oxygen in brain because Fe helps carry oxygen to brain because of attaching red blood cell. Water is similar, 70% of brain is water. In reality, water improves brain’s function about the total aspect. Brain will become slack if it loses water and it even releases cortisone hormone that causes disadvantage for ability of storing information and building memory. In addition, presence of water helps body carry out biological reaction and eliminate toxicants that are produced after transforming out of body…

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