Reduce Backache for Pregnant Women

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Nearly half of pregnant women often suffer from backache.

How to deal with backache during pregnancy? Here are a few things you should know about backache and some suggestions to help you feel more comfortable when facing it. At the third month of pregnancy, your body becomes heavier as baby’s weight is increasing faster and faster. Backache will make you move more difficultly, even difficult to sleep at night, and many other inconveniences.

How to deal with backache during pregnancy?

How to deal with backache during pregnancy?

Nearly half of pregnant women often suffer from backache. That is not strange because your baby’s weight makes your belly heavier. Moreover, hormones that are discharged in pregnancy will stretch abdominal muscles and decrease activities of ligament. During pregnancy, back has to bear weight of babies; the bigger babies are, the more back pains you have.

Thus, to the fifth month, back pain increases more seriously until birth. Pain usually occurs at the end of the day, when pregnant woman begins to be tired. The only solution to remove completely backache during pregnancy is birth.

However, there are some ways to prevent and relieve symptoms of backache for pregnant women.

·         Exercise before and during pregnancy (according to recommends of doctors). Practice light exercises (walking, gymnastics, yoga, swimming) frequently can help your body overcome the last third month of pregnancy. In order to do excises safely and easily, you need to consult advices and accord to guidance of obstetrician. Pay attention to relax slowly muscles after finishing exercises.

·         Exercise before and during pregnancy (according to recommends of doctors).

Exercise before and during pregnancy (according to recommends of doctors).

·         Be careful when sitting and standing; avoid putting too much stress on the back area. Posture must be very firm so that the legs can be raised gently, do not squat. When sitting, choose the kind of seat having fulcrum and add a small pillow behind your back. Note that change positions regularly, avoid standing in long time. When standing, keep your back straight to avoid straining back. You should try to sit with legs cross and back straight, and finally wear comfortable shoes. You can also use abdominal belt to assist in supporting for your oversized belly.

·         To treat backache, try covering hot compresses. Taking a warm bath, covering hot towel, and using warm water from shower to spray on painful areas are also helpful ways to reduce pain.

·         Sleep positions. If back pains disturb you at night, let lie on one side, do not lie supine when sleeping. You can place a pillow between knees, around abdomen or use a long pillow. These methods can help you lower backache effectively.

·         You can also use massage therapy to alleviate pains. Massaging lower back helps ease muscles pained and strained. You can sit on position that your face lean against the back of chair or lie on one side, and have someone massage muscles along spine, focusing on lower back. To be more professional, you should go to consultants about massage, bone, spine, and acupuncture to have appropriate advice.

 Massaging lower back helps ease muscles pained and strained

Massaging lower back helps ease muscles pained and strained

You should pay attention if backache spreads across the back, buttocks, thighs, legs, and sometimes both feet. In case of prolonged pain, go to the doctor promptly to be tracked. Backache, accompanied by rhythmic contractions, may also be an early sign of beginning to labor.

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